Watch The Moment Congressman Attacked On Stage

Joe Chenelly tackled a man who attacked Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin at a campaign event in New York Thursday.

Chenelly, a candidate for New York State Assembly, said he followed the man as he climbed on stage. He then took the attacker down after he attempted to punch the congressman while wielding a weapon.

“I could see what looked like a razor or knife of some sort,” Chenelly said on “Fox & Friends First” Friday.

“As he attempted another swing, I tackled the attacker from the back and slammed im to the ground where several of us were able to restrain him and get the weapon away from him.”

Chenelly and others held the attacker until police arrived.

He said the man showed no warning signs of his intentions prior to climbing on stage.

The suspect, identified as David G. Jakubonis, was charged with attempted assault in the second degree. Jakubonis was released from police custody within hours of his arrest under New York’s crime laws.

In a tweet early Friday, Zeldin, the Republican nominee for governor, recalled Jakubonis saying “you’re done” just before the attack. Zeldin then predicted the suspect would be immediately released.

Chenelly said he was “enraged” to learn of the release, saying Jakubonis was “not in a good place” following the altercation.

“Unfortunately, it’s very much in line with the policies we’ve seen here in New York State that…

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