Wild video captures car flying through California power lines, crashing onto road

Insane dashcam footage shows a car hurtling over a California highway — narrowly missing power lines before it slams onto the road below.

The shocking incident unfolded Friday morning in Yuba City, as a family drove in a truck along Highway 99.

As the vehicle reaches a curve, another car suddenly catapults through the air between the power lines, leaving a long plume of smoke in its wake, as a female passenger shrieks in horror.

The airborne vehicle slams nose-first onto the road and flips before coming to rest upside down.

“Oh my God!” the man says. “911! 911!”

The woman then calls 911 to report the horrific incident, saying the car “fell off the highway.”

“It didn’t fall off, it jumped the whole road,” the man interjects before running to check the crumpled car.

Miraculously, the woman behind the wheel suffered only minor injuries in the spectacular wreck, CBS 14 reported.

The California Highway Patrol said the car had just been involved in a hit-and-run moments earlier, according to the news outlet.

Brian Conejo, who works at Mechanical and Irrigation Solutions, watched the crash on the company’s surveillance cameras.

“Pretty crazy to see someone flying through the air,” Conejo told CBS 14. “Probably caught like 50 feet of air, I’d say. On camera, we got to see the person actually beating the cars down the freeway — probably doing 80 to 100 miles per hour in a 25 zone.”

He added: “They came flying straight through here. There’s a really hard left-hand turn up here. They failed to make that turn, just kept going straight and literally went flying over the whole overpass.”

Conejo said the car…

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