SEE IT: Pamela Anderson in trouble for wearing this Halloween costume

Pamela Anderson is catching serious backlash over her 2019 Halloween costume, with many on Twitter calling out the 52-year-old model for cultural appropriation.

The former “Baywatch” star and animal rights activist took to Twitter on Thursday to share a pair of images to celebrate Halloween. The first image shows Anderson in high-waisted underwear with what appears to be white paint covering her breasts. In her left hand, she’s holding a Native American headdress. In the other photo, Anderson poses topless on a staircase with her back to the camera. This time, she’s wearing the full oversized headdress and tipping it to the camera.

The post almost immediately caught people’s attention on social media, with several users noting that it seems the actress is appropriating Native American culture.

“I hate to break the news to u Pamela but this is the quintessential cultural appropriation that people are not liking. The Native head dress. Not so cool,” one user on Twitter wrote.

“Cultural appropriation is not a good look,” another commented.

“Sooooo big on respect for animals but not so much for humans who don’t look like you?? Got it, Pam,” wrote a third user.

“This is really disappointing & racist Pam, I thought you were better than this,” said someone else.

“Native Americans are not costumes…” another user concluded.

The star didn’t directly respond to her detractors’ claims of cultural appropriation other than to share an article titled “The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation.” However, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t engaged with her own backlash. Several users claim to have been blocked by Anderson’s account after calling out…

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