What is NASA hiding? Mysterious plane scanning San Andreas Fault sparks panic over Big One

California could be heading for an imminent Big One earthquake, according to the latest conspiracy theories surrounding a mysterious NASA aircraft. A high-tech NASA-owned airplane has been flying bizarrely low to the ground, sparking alarm among residents in California. However, the mystery deepened after the plane’s flight path was discovered.

According to the flight tracker path, the NASA817 plane has been “scanning and zig-zagging” over the infamous San Andreas Fault.

This has intensified fears that California could soon be struck by the long-awaited Big One mega-quake.

The sighting of the NASA aircraft has prompted speculation and conspiracy theories that the US space organisation knows something about an imminent quake.

After receiving numerous calls, the LA sheriff department confirmed claims that the low-flying plan belonged to NASA.

Spotting the aircraft, CBS2 anchorwoman Jasmine Viel described the low-flying plane as “scary, big and loud”.

She said: “You didn’t know if was going to land. Everyone kind of stopped in their cars, looking up.”

The large plane, which is painted white with a blue stripe and the NASA logo on the tail, was spotted flying at the height of afternoon rush hour in the San Gabriel Valley.

Renowned conspiracy theorist Tyler Glockner – of YouTube channel secureteam10 – uploaded a video…

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