Shocking Video: Colorado family STUNNED by UFO sighting

A MYSTERY UFO filmed over the US Colorado Rockies area is “100 percent real” and proof of extraterrestrial activity on Earth, a popular UFO researcher has shockingly claimed. The supposed UFO or

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Notre Dame was ‘no accident’ – why France believes Paris cathedral blaze was Europe’s 9/11

A GROWING number of French nationalists are questioning the official line on the causes of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire – with some social media commentators dubbing the disaster “Europe’s

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Video: Watch SHOCKING leaked footage of Elon Musk’s SpaceX capsule explode

SPACEX admitted its Crew Dragon capsule suffered an “anomaly” before allegedly leaked footage emerged revealing an explosion during a routine engine test in Florida. On Saturday, SpaceX tested the emergency

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Moscow warplanes scrambled to intercept Nato ‘trespasser’ – before major blunder revealed

MOSCOW scrambled warplanes to force down a small aircraft believed to have flouted its airspace from a NATO country – only to find the “trespasser” was Russian. A major incident

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